Limited edition screen printed posters by Vince Handford (aka Memori Prints). Vince is a graphic designer who makes limited edition screen printed in his home studio and Ocean Studios, Plymouth. He utilises his design background to combine vibrant colours, patterns and striking images.

All posters are designed and screen printed by Vince. Each colour in the design is hand printed separately, using non toxic water based inks and GF Smith papers (FSC Certified which don’t use harmful chlorine in production).

Vince studied graphic design at the Plymouth College of Art (now Arts University Plymouth). He worked as a designer since 2016 and is now screen printing posters full time.

Memori Prints is all about treasuring memories. In this modern world many of our memories are digital (compressed mp3s, jpegs, social media accounts…) People miss making, doing, writing a letter, talking, interacting, walking, swimming and actually laughing out loud! They don’t want mass produced items which are forgotten and end up in land fill or polluting our oceans. 

We want items which are kept, built to last, treasured and passed on. Give us books, vinyl records, paintings, prints, photos, works of art, memories… We’re not living in the past we are just living!

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